Benefits of network camera

Decide first and most important when designing a CCTV system is chosen to analog cameras or network cameras. There is no difference between the two terms ”network camera” and ”IP camera”. No matter how well known as the network camera is a digital camera with embedded web server and transmit current data having his picture. The term ”megapixels” or ”high-resolution” refers to the resolution of the camera having at least 1 million pixels. Note all the camera megapixel or higher resolution cameras that are there, but not vice versa. So why choose network camera? Two main reasons are scalable and resolution.


Similar cameras were born more than 60 years. During this time the camera technology has greatly changed, but the transmission of the image signal remains unchanged. The camera has the same coaxial cable used to transmit images and cables are limited in speed and data size. Meanwhile, the network camera using CAT5 network cable or CAT6 cable, both cables are designed to transmit a much higher speed. Another problem with the same camera DVR recorder is responsible for recording not only photos but also to convert analog signals to digital signals and compresses the digital signal. With a lot of work and require the recorder must have powerful processors such restrictions recording good. While network camera with integrated processor inside the camera should auto switch network and compress the image data before sending the storage center. We can say a similar camera system 16 channel 1 processor, while a 16-channel network camera system will have 17 processors.

Camera tương tự và camera mạng

Analog camera and network camera

For two reasons, the images from a network camera system will have higher resolution than analog systems cameta. Higher resolution means the ability of information contained in an image more so provide better evidence.


Hình chụp bảng số xe của camera tương tự và camera mạng

Image capture license plate numbers of analog cameras and network cameras.