Guest Room Management System

The Hotel guest room control unit system is designed with the purpose of giving guests a comfortable, luxurious, experience and manipulating the control of equipment in the hotel room such as: air conditioners, lights. ... in a simple and convenient way; improve the efficiency of hotel management; contribute to overall energy savings.

The system is designed as an intelligent control system for hotel rooms and resorts. It is a replacement for the old-fashioned bed side control unit.

Guest Room Management System

The Hotel Guest Room Control Unit system has the function of executing control and collect the data from the air conditioning, lighting, curtains, door lock and other systems in the room.

The system of each rooms is connected with the Central Guest Room Management System (GRMS) and the Hotel Property Management System (PMS) via Hotel”s LAN infrastructure.

The system will provide complete information with comprehensive control capabilities for hotel management operators, helping to improve the efficiency of the hotel”s operation, increasing the convenience and comfort for the guest when stay.


  • Access control
  • Lighting control
  • Curtains control
  • Room Temperature control
  • Monitor room status  (Occupied / UnOccupied)
  • Interface with PMS, Door lock, BMS,
  • Energy saving


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