Mobile camera for special vehicle
Mobile camera solution using 3G video transmission technology combines global positioning technology (GPS Realtime Tracking) application for the control of transporting money and other valuable assets.  
Mobile camera for special vehicle

 Common characteristics of the system:
 - Provide live video through mobile 3G wireless network from vehicle to the control center
 - Provide accurate remote control camera and video playback.
 - Provide secure access to remote systems with platform users are centrally managed
 - Provide management with client-server architecture.
 - Provide the exact location using global positioning system GPS and shown in local map data via maps or images of static satellite
 - Provide navigator service by determining the way and move the specific boundaries for vehicle
 - Provide options for warning functions include:
   + Firing
   + Emergency alarm button
   + Warning for opening safes
   + Collision sensor
   + Control for access system.
   + Report of the working time means.
   + Remote warning to drivers
   + Schedule histtory
   + Provide accurate reports based on the monitoring function
   + Road route
   + The case of other special warning.


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