Smart Home system

Smart Home system plays an important role in adding value to a modern apartment that is designed to meet the following standards:

Criteria: Security, Safety and Utilities for apartment residents.

Objective: Satisfy the needs and purposes of residents, improve the living quality of residents in the apartment.

Smart Home system

Smart home system is a system of technological equipment installed for electrical and electronic equipment in the home that can be monitored and controlled, either automated or semi-automatic.

The system communicates with users through an application on a smart mobile phone or tablet via a wireless communication connection. From there, users can monitor and control home appliances remotely automatically and synchronously simply and easily.

Along with the current growing technology trend, the application of technology such as smart home systems for modern apartments helps to increase the quality of life for residents in the apartment.


  • Helping to replace a part of human in performing one or a number of management, monitoring and control operations of electrical and electronic equipment in the house.
  • Manage and control smart devices connected in your apartment with your smartphone or tablet via Wifi/3G/4G connection, even when not there. Thereby reducing your operations and workload when you get home.


  • System sends alerts to users of the security status in the apartment such as burglar alarms through security devices such as motion sensors, door sensors, door locks.
  • User can access the camera to realize what happened in the apartment.


  • System sends alerts to users in an emergency situation: water leak, environmental warning in the room.... Thereby helping users to recognize and respond to situations promptly and quickly.
  • Users can monitor the details of the system status such as lights, water heaters, household electrical appliances, etc., to limit their operation for too long and forget to turn off those devices. From there, ensure safety and minimize unnecessary costs, saving money on the apartment.


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